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Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips (Lonely Planet Tips Guide)

Brand: Lonely Planet
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2nd Edition / February 2010
ISBN:  9781741794793
104 pp
Next edition due: February 2014

Featuring contributions from a range Of travel writers, industry experts And staff, lonely planet's best ever travel tips gives you the secrets of the Trade that will help you get the most from your trips.

  • Find the best value deals
  • Score that elusive upgrade
  • Make your trip as eco-friendly as possible
  • Stay safe on the road


Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips includes chapters devoted to:

• Packing & Preparation – “From bag selection to hints on what to put in it – and what to leave behind.”

• Money – “How to change the stuff, how to carry exotic foreign notes and how to make sure you don’t come home to any nasty surprises in your bank statement.”

• Health – “Tricks of the trade than can make life a lot easier.”

• Safety & Security – “A few simple guidelines.”

•  Air Transport – “Special rules, loopholes and tricks that can make or break the whole adventure.”

• Ground Transport – “Can be the source of some unforgettable memories, and take you to all sorts of places a plane can’t.”

• Hotels – “A few approaches to a perfect bed for the night.”

• Technology – “Some gadgets you can’t live without, while others may well be more trouble than they’re worth.”

• Making the Most of Your Trip – “Squeeze every last drop of fun out of your hard-earned time off.”

• Eco-Travel – “Everybody wants to do the right thing, but when you’re going on holiday that can often be easier said than done.”

Travel Tips Introduction

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