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Lonely Planet
  • Lonely Planet is the world’s leading independent travel publisher
  • Lonely Planet is still privately owned after more than 30 years in business.
  • Lonely Planet publishes almost 500 titles in English, covering every corner of the planet, with more than 6.5 million books sold annually. 
  • 80 million unique journeys: In August 2006 Lonely Planet printed their 80 millionth book and shipped it off to the warehouse for sale.
  • Lonely Planet’s website receives over 5 million unique visitors every month from over 170 countries.
  • Our guidebooks are published in a number of languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 
  • Lonely Planet has sold over 5 million phrasebooks and has the most comprehensive language coverage of any travel publisher.
  • Across Asia on the Cheap, Lonely Planet’s best-selling first guidebook, sold 1500 copies in its first printrun, followed by two reprints, totalling a lifetime printrun of 8500 copies. These days, Lonely Planet’s bestseller titles sell in the hundreds of thousands.
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  • England (Lonely Planet Country Guide) 6th
      Paperback: 864 pages Publisher: Lonely Planet; 6 edition (April 1, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1741795672 ISBN-13: 978-1741795677 Inside This Book… 7 months of research in England 9 authors 120 maps 108 differen..
    $25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00
  • Europe On a Shoestring (Lonely Planet Shoestring Guide)
    6th Edition / October 2009 ISBN:  9781741048551 1324 pp  / 12 pp colour  / 235 maps For 20 years Lonely Planet has been the Europe expert. Whether you're soaking up history in Britain or sun in Spain, crossing the Arctic Circle or cruising the Bosphorus, our 6th ..
    $16.80 $28.00 Ex Tax: $16.80
  • Europe On a Shoestring (Lonely Planet Shoestring Guide)
      Paperback: 1328 pages Publisher: Lonely Planet; 7 edition (November 1, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1741796768 ISBN-13: 978-1741796766     Europe is a patchwork of more than 40 compulsively individualistic..
    $29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00
  • Finland (Loney Planet Country Guide)
    6th Edition / April 2009 ISBN:  9781741047714 396 pp  / 20 pp colour  / 88 maps Next edition due: May 2013 Summer or winter, Finland has plenty to knock your fur-lined boots off. Huskies and reindeer, Northern Lights, clear lakes, cloudberry liqueur...not to m..
    $14.40 $24.00 Ex Tax: $14.40
  • France (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
    8th Edition / February 2009 ISBN:  9781741049152 1,012 pp  / 28 pp colour  / 181 maps Next edition due: February 2011 Once you've ooh-la-la'd your way around every charming Parisian boutique, garden and café, the rest of France is ready to step up to the plate...
    $15.00 $24.99 Ex Tax: $15.00
  • Germany (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
    6th Edition / March 2010 ISBN:  9781741047813 828 pp  / 20 pp colour  / 139 maps Nobody knows Germany like Lonely Planet. From Alpine villages to Berlin's clubs, Moselle Valley vineyards to Heidelberg's historic buildings and beer quaffing to sausage savouring, th..
    $23.80 $28.00 Ex Tax: $23.80
  • Germany (Lonely Planet Country Guide) 7th edition
    Lonely Planet Germany is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. See storybook castles arise from the Bavarian forest, raise a stein to an oompah band in a Munich beer garden, and take in the vibrant Berlin ..
    $28.00 Ex Tax: $28.00
  • Great Britain (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
    8th Edition / May 2009 ISBN:  9781741044911 1052 pp  / 28 pp colour  / 198 maps Surf-pounded cliffs and mirror-clear lochs, humming cities and ancient towns, romantic wildernesses and island getaways...with so much on offer, which Great Britain will you choose? ..
    $18.00 $30.00 Ex Tax: $18.00
  • Greece (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
    March 2010 ISBN:  9781741792287 804 pp  / 20 pp colour  / 171 maps Experience the best of Greece with Lonely Planet. Whether that's taking an evening stroll past the flood-lit Acropolis in Athens, enjoying a crisp white wine on a Santorini vineyard tour, fi..
    $24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99
  • Greek Islands Travel Guide
    6th Edition / March 2010 ISBN:  9781741792270 556 pp  / 20 pp colour  / 128 maps With our 6th edition you'll find relaxing beaches on laid-back Ikaria, indulge in fine dining on fashionable Mykonos, glide past dolphins on a diving trip near Hydra and explore anci..
    $22.99 Ex Tax: $22.99
  • Hindi, Urdu & Bengali Phrasebook (Lonely Planet)
    3rd Edition ISBN:  1740591496  /  9781740591492 304 pp Ever asked for directions to the train station and ended up with a streetside ear cleaning, palm reading or root canal? With this phrasebook you'll preserve your dirty ears, unknown future and all your teeth. Get talkin..
    $9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00
  • Hong Kong & Macau (Lonely Planet City Guide) 14 (used book)
    14th Edition / February 2010 ISBN:  9781741792256 388 pp  / 20 pp colour  / 44 maps Next edition due: February 2013 Hong Kong is a city to delight in: the food, the shopping, the harbour, the views, the parks, the Peak. Just across the way, Macau is the Vegas o..
    $12.50 Ex Tax: $12.50

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