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The Drop of Life (Vietnam Zoom Series)

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Once upon a time, there was a kind of bird, so ruthless that they eat their mothers when they grow up in order to be able to fly. Deep down, the mother bird always wishes that her baby can spread its wings and fly high. She never hesitates to let herself be eaten by her baby.

How sacred the mother’s love is!

Mother! In everybody’s mind, that is the most sacred word – one that brings in itself eternal peace, one that nurtures you from exhausts and failures.

Breast milk is the emblem of that sacredness. The sight of a mother breast-feeding her child is the utmost illustration of the mother’s love. That divine sight warms and comforts you. The mother’s posture, her facial expressions, imbues gentleness and an endless love for her child, who swallows together with the breast milk the mother’s love.

The warmth of her breasts and the breast milk are the first gifts of life the mother brings to her child. The milk drops do not only nourish the child, but also weave a mattress of sacred mother’s love, engraving everlasting memories in everybody’s mind.

Breast feeding is an instinct, a God-given duty and a national tradition of utmost humanity among Vietnamese women. All mothers crave for an embrace of her child, feeding it with her precious and pure milk in the midst of a love-filled lullaby.

No matter how hard her life is, the mother always stands ready for her babies to just lie in her lap and drown themselves in the drops of her breast milk – the drops of life that come from the best in her body. As Buddha once put it, “in the worlds and through reincarnations, the milk we receive from our mothers is larger than water in the seas.” The mother’s love is an everlasting stream of love for a human from cradle to the grave.

Man differs from trees by his “Love”, from wild beasts by his “Filial Piety”. Of all the loves in this world, the mother’s love comes first. Of all the virtues, filial piety comes first. The mother’s love and filial piety intertwine to clear life path with shining divinity. It is thanks to this love that mankind is able to cruise through the darkest days and upholds its being today.

Lê Ngọc Huy
Lonely Planet Images.

Nguyễn Việt Hùng
Trần Hà Nguyên

Book description
Format: 26mm by 18 mm, landscape
Pages: 144 pages with 136 full color photographs of mom and baby.
Paper: 200gsm couche matte
Binding: hardcover, casebound using 3mm board with separate jacket.

Published by
SahaBook Corporation in partnership with Ethnical and Cultural Publishing House.


The Drop of Life

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