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Vietnamese Food With Helen's Recipes

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This cookbook features authentic Vietnamese home cooking recipes with step-by-step photo instructions and links to video demonstrations on Youtube. The recipes have been tested by thousands of viewers of Helen's Recipes Channel on Youtube with excellent results.
See testers' food photos here:
Watch this book launch video to find out WHY this cookbook is a MUST-BUY:
Top #6 in Vietnamese Cook Book on Amazon.
Helen and her cooking book was in VTV4 channel
"Vietnamese people are incredibly industrious and Helen Le embodies that. She produced her own cookbook to pair with her YouTube cooking channel. There’s a QR code and URL for a video to go with each recipe in Vietnamese Food with Helen’s Recipes. Her earnest, energetic effort represents the savvy, young generation of Vietnam. Helen was born in Vietnam and lives in Germany." - Andrea Nguyen, author of "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen" and "The Banh Mi Handbook"
Author: Helen
Published by SahaBook
Publisher: TheGioi Publishers
Paperback: 168 pages
ISBN: 978-604-77-1222-9
Size: 20cm x 250cm
Weight: 600grams
Language: English

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